Project Manager (SIMS Project)
Information Technology
Victoria British Columbia Staffing Contract Feb 15, 2023
Job Description – Project Manager
  • Position: Project Manager IT-related Level 1
  • Start Date: 06-Mar-2023
  • End Date: 31-Mar-2024
  • Location: REMOTE – BC Candidates Ideal. The Consultant is required to work at their own office location, be available during the Ministry’s normal business. Projects may require the Consultant to attend meetings or work with IM/IT resources in the Greater Victoria area at no additional cost to the Ministry
  • Hours per Day: 7


  • The Project Manager at Experience Level 1 functions as project lead and is expected to operate at a senior level and have a solid understanding of the challenges and complexity in managing a project team in a complex public sector environment.
  • The Senior Project Manager is expected to:

    a) have a minimum of five (5) years of experience within the last ten (10) years as a Senior Project Manager in one or more of the following areas:
    - Project Integration Management
    - Project Scope Management
    - Project Time Management
    - Project Cost Management
    - Project Quality Management
    - Project Human Resource Management
    - Project Communications Management
    - Project Risk Management
    - Project Procurement Management

    b) preferably have a post graduate degree (i.e. masters or doctoral degree in a discipline related to the applicable Category). The Province will consider certification as a CA, CMC, CMA, CGA or CFA as an alternative to a conventional post graduate degree;
    c) preferably have a PMI – Program Management Professional (PgMPSM) or Project Management Professional (PMP®) designation;
    d) have the ability to make effective use of technology (e.g. special product knowledge such as Microsoft Project);
    e) provide project examples that clearly demonstrate experience on at least three (3) projects of twelve (12) months or longer duration, which includes tight timelines, strong communication, leadership and political skills to understand, navigate, and meet stakeholders’ needs and expectations and reporting project status to an executive position (e.g. executive steering committee);
    f) provide project examples that clearly demonstrate five (5) or more years in managing multidisciplinary teams and developing esprit de corps within the project team (e.g. core business staff, professional employees, middle managers and other private sector contractors);
    g) provide project examples that clearly demonstrate experience in portfolio management (e.g. strategic alignment and prioritization) including effective portfolio management controls and reporting;
    h) provide project examples that clearly demonstrate experience in managing the change control process with evidence of strategic communications, end user involvement and training (e.g. managing changes and trade-offs between competing goals); and
    i) provide project examples that clearly demonstrate a track record of successfully delivering large, complex projects (greater than $10M in value, greater than one (1) year in duration and at least ten (10) people reporting to the Senior Project Manager) preferably in a public sector environment.

    The Project Manager at Experience Level 1 will possess demonstrated expertise on projects with the following characteristics:

    a) high complexity and/or sensitivity (usually large scope and evolving business environment necessitating scope adjustment);
    b) multiple stakeholders (typically involving interaction with a cross discipline team represented by several interested parties) such as:
    - government (e.g. a provincial government);
    - broader public sector (e.g. a crown corporation, municipality or agency);
    - the private sector;
    c) requiring regular interaction at the Executive level (e.g. Assistant Deputy Minister / Deputy Minister level including briefing Ministers, Treasury Board staff, Common Business Services, ASD Secretariat, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Office of the Comptroller General and representatives of other central agencies of government);
    d) project budgets usually exceeding $10 million and occasionally in the hundreds of millions of dollars;
    e) Impacts may be to all of government, broader public sector, private sector and to large components of citizenry.
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