Developer Level 3
Information Technology
Victoria British Columbia Staffing Contract Feb 15, 2023
The Developer will provide operational support and maintenance for workflows based on the The Developer will be expected to maintain the MVP version of SF, addressing bug fixes, small enhancements, and deployments, but more substantial changes are not possible. The Developer will also provide support to the team in completion of a security, architecture, complex workflow, or software upgrades, including the expansion of CCII to all branches. Service Flow (SF) is a digital workflow management tool that efficiently automates processes that were previously manual and underdefined. 

  • Program, test and otherwise support the development and maintenance of systems by:
  • Translating software specifications into code;
  • Documenting technical work;
  • Developing technical reference materials; and
  • Support provision of post implementation maintenance services through liaison with Business Analysts and clients.
In addition to the skills and experience set out above, the Proponents should demonstrate that the Developer will have the skills and experience in working with:
  • Camunda workflows;
  • forms;
  • OpenShift Container Platform;
  • Apache NiFi data processing; and
  • PostgreSQL.

How to Apply:
  • Online: Apply online now at
  • Email: If you would prefer to email a copy of your resume for later review, we would be pleased to consider your resume for future upcoming opportunities, please send resume, availability and compensation expectation to:
Please note: While we appreciate and welcome all applications, only those who satisfy employment eligibility in Canada and meet the qualifications for the role will be contacted.