DevSecOps Specialist
Information Technology
Vancouver British Columbia Staffing Contract Mar 20, 2023
BH – DevSecOps – Contract (Remote)

Brainhunter Systems Ltd. is looking to fulfil a 1-year contract for an AWS DevSecOps Specialist. This project is to assist migrating a group of on-premises applications, including Windows-based COTS applications migrated to Infrastructure as a Service, and custom .NET Framework/.NET Core 3.x applications migrated to Containers as a Service on AWS.

The DevSecOps Specialist will also participate in migration planning and design in addition to the technical migration. Additionally, the DevSecOps Specialist will work alongside SysOps Specialists, Cloud Migration Core team and internal staff to ensure that their work is compliant with operational, security, governance, audit and financial controls.

The ideal candidate has experience with the following technologies as part of migration projects:
  • CloudFormation with YAML  
  • Amazon Elastic Container Services with AWS Fargate  
  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry
  • Amazon API Gateway  
  • Amazon CloudFront  
  • AWS Lambda 
  • Elastic Compute Cloud with Windows Server  
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service 
  • Amazon Relational Database Services (SQL Server)  
  • Amazon GuardDuty  
  • AWS SecurityHub
  • AWS Config  
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • AWS Control Tower    
  • AWS Organizations with Service Control Policies   
  • AWS Identity and Access Management 
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • AWS Web Application Firewall 
  • AWS Network Firewall    
  • AWS Single Signon  
  • Experience working with .NET/.NET Core 3.x applications

How to Apply: 
  • Online: Apply online now at
  • Email: If you would prefer to email a copy of your resume for later review, we would be pleased to consider your resume for future upcoming opportunities, please send resume, availability and compensation expectation to:
Please note: While we appreciate and welcome all applications, only those who satisfy employment eligibility in Canada and meet the qualifications for the role will be contacted.